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What is Craft Malt

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How We Define Craft Malt

Craft Malt defined as a finished malt product, produced from a variety of grains including but not limited to barley, wheat, rye, millet, oats, corn, spelt, and triticale. Craft Malt is in particular made using a majority (greater than 50% by weight) of locally grown grains as inputs, meaning grains grown within the region of the Craft Malthouse, are used to produce Craft Malt therewith. Craft Malt is made without the use of gibberellic acid (GA) or other chemical additives during processing.

A Craft Malthouse is defined as a business producing Craft Malt, with upper limitations of ten thousand metric tons and lower limitations of 5 metric tons of combined product sold per year. A Craft Malthouse must maintain proper legal standing with its country, state, and local governments including but not limited to: business registration and licensing, taxation, safety and other regulations pertaining to the production of grain, malt, and foodstuff, as appropriate. Malthouses are not considered Craft Malthouses if ownership by other non-Craft Malthouses exceeds 24%.

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