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Locating the correct variety of barley to grow in a particular region should be of primary importance to any maltster.

If you do not believe this is so, we have 2 words for you: Marris Otter. Marris Otter is a particular variety only grown in the UK and perfectly adapted for that climate and soil type. Marris Otter not only yields well for farmers, it malts easily for maltsters, and gives brewers good efficiency and a wonderful distinct flavor.Many brewers have asked craft maltsters in the U.S. if they make Marris Otter malt, and the answer is no. An overarching goal for the craft malting community is to find the “Marris Otter” of their region.

This goal will only be achieved by supporting the work of agronomists and barley breeders that are not solely focused on creating varieties that will be the specification of adjunct brewers. Within the USDA Germplasm, there contains thousands of varieties of barley collected from around the world. When in the hands of a barley breeder, they can be bred to create new varieties that can resist disease, grow plumper kernels, mature earlier and yield higher.

Barley Seed Sources
Craft Malt Houses (Map)
North American Malt Houses (Map)
Quality Labs (Map)
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Variety Trials
Variety Trials: Eastern Spring Barley Nursery Participants (Map)
Variety Trials: Winter Malting Barley Trial Participants (Map)
Malting Barley Timeline Calendar – Coming Soon!

The Craft Maltsters Guild is pleased to provide growers and others interested in malting barley research and variety trials with the information and resources available here. It is the result of the work by the Guild’s Research and Variety Committee. If you are interested in their work, consider joining the Guild and participating in this important effort.