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The Maltster’s Guild focuses on enhancing each individual member’s ability to craft world class malt through professional education and online discussion. The craft malting community is passionate of individuals who want to learn, shape and encourage one another while pursuing a deeper understanding of the fundamentals, science and latest trends and techniques for making malts and doing so with a regional identity.

The payment due for a 1 year Regular Level Membership is $350.00

Regular Membership: Apply Online

As a Regular Member of the Craft Maltsters Guild you will receive the following benefits:


  • Have Access to the industry’s cutting-edge trends.
  • Be surrounded by the individuals that are leaders in the craft of malting.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with your peers.
  • Make friends with, be inspired by, and collaborate with maltsters of all experience levels.


  • Utilize the Maltsters Guild Forum and Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Be featured on “Our Members” portion of our website.
  • Participate in Annual Meeting.
  • Membership Logo Download.
  • Have full access to our website. This includes technical papers and guild forums.
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter full of the latest news about members, classes, and events.
  • Maltster’s Forum – participate in an online discussion and exchange of ideas and information.
  • Online Directory – use our up-to-date membership directory for networking.
  • Classified Ads – receive discounts for advertisements.
  • Regional Events – Advance notification about classes and workshops.
  • Voting Rights for all Guild Decisions.
  • Eligible to Run for office.
  • Eligible to sit on Guild Committees.

Regular Membership is open only to those engaged in malting on a scale between 5 metric Tons per year to 10,000 metric Tons per year. Beyond this Regular Members must also adhere to the other tenets agreed upon by the founding members. These include:

  • Craft Malt is in particular made using a majority (greater than 50% by weight) of locally grown grains as inputs, meaning grains grown within the region of the Craft Malthouse.
  • Craft Malt is made without the use of gibberellic acid (GA) or other chemical additives during processing.
  • A Craft Malthouse must maintain proper legal standing with its country, state, and local governments including but not limited to: business registration and licensing, taxation, safety and other regulations pertaining to the production of grain, malt, and foodstuff, as appropriate.
  • Malthouses are not considered Craft Malthouses if ownership by other non-Craft Malthouses exceeds 24%.
  • All Regular Members must apply for membership and be approved by the Guild’s Board of Directors.

$350 / yr – Any qualified Regular Member applicant
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