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Below we have added a list of resources that we are continually expanding. If you know of a resource that you believe we should include we invite you to contact us and send your recommendation.


Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre -Malt Academy
Offering regular 3 Day and 2 Week courses in malting science.

Institute of Barley and Malt Sciences
Offer annual and bi-annual programs such as the Barley Field School and Malting Science Certificate.

Post-Secondary and Graduate Programs
Few universities offer malting science degrees and mostly under their food science programs.

If you speak German.


Malts-and-Malting-Book-coverMalts and Malting by Dennis Briggs

This is what we call “the bible”. A book that you will read through at least once and then use almost daily as a reference.

maltster+handbook+coverThe Craft Maltsters Handbook by Dave Thomas

A new and wonderful book by Author and Maltster Dave Thomas. A Glossary of Malting Terms are alphabetically listed and described in detail by Dave. Lots of great pictures, too.

Malting-and-Brewing-Science-Book-coverMalting and Brewing Science Vol. 1 by Dennis Briggs

A great book that focuses not just on malting but also on the brewing of sweet wort.

Malting-and-Brewing-Book-coverScientific Principals of Malting and Brewing by Charles Bamforth

A great book to help capture the soup to nuts of malting and brewing.

Malting-Technology-Book-coverEBC Manual of Good Practice Vol. 6 Malting Technology

A great tool for understanding malting equipment, safety procedures, troubleshooting problems with malt process.

Technology-Brewing-Malting-Book-coverTechnology of Brewing and Malting by Wolfgang Kunze

A textbook on both brewing and malting translated into English.

American-Society-of-Brewing-Chemists-Book-coverAmerican Society of Brewing Chemists – Methods of Analysis

All approved methods for barley and malt analysis.

Warminster-Book-coverThe Malt-Stars of Warminster

A wonderful illustrated guild to Britian’s oldest working malthouse.


American Malting Barley Association

Barley World
A gateway into the world of barley – the best plant on the planet.

The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain
They have been doing this much longer than we have. Click and learn.

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